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Diving Courses

PADI is the world’s largest diver training organisation, establishing extremely high standards for diver education, enabling you to dive almost anywhere in the world with dive credentials that are highly respected and very much sought after.

We realize that you have busy lives and so our scuba classes make the most efficient use of your time. We are an education facility, we are not a retail outlet relying on equipment sales for revenue. As such, we can concentrate on providing courses that will fit in with your time constraints while on holiday. Small classes will ensure that you get the attention you need.

We believe that diving should be accessible to everyone, and we therefore continually revue our pricing structure to ensure we keep your costs as low as possible. We will not however compromise on safety

We love diving and love to teach, and so you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun in our classes! Get ready for an adventure…experience the excitement and beauty of the underwater world.

Discover Scuba Diving (1st time divers)

Discover what you’re missing – no previous experience is necesary. An introduction to scuba diving in a highly supervised and relaxed atmosphere – This short programme starts with a classroom session introducing you to scuba diving and the diving equipment that you will be using. From here we will move to an open water dive site where you will complete a scuba dive under the direct ‘one to one’ supervision of your instructor.

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